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Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Treatments

What Is Keratin?

Every hair type contains up to 90 percent of these special protein molecules so-called keratin and the rest is made up of water, pigments, and lipids in other words natural fats. And strictly speaking, it’s not only, our skin and nails that are made up of keratin protein compounds that the body forms itself. They encircle the marrow cells that form the hair nucleus, over which there is a protective cuticle. It straightens the hair and breaks incoming light and this makes the hair shine. On the inside, keratin treatment strengthens the hair, on the surface, it has a protective effect and makes it resistant. Whether our hair is resilient, elastic, or shiny depends to a large extent on how intact the structure of its fasting trunk is since this consists of keratin, the substance plays a particularly important role in hair care.

Mechanical, chemical, or external influences such as hard brushing, blow-drying that is too hot, perms, coloring, and bleaching, or too much sunlight can weaken the keratin chains. Environmental factors such as air pollution, heat, or cold can also affect the hair, as can an unbalanced diet with a lack of nutrients or excessive stress. The result: dull, brittle, and dry hair. Hair problems such as frizz or split ends can also be traced back to a keratin deficiency. Keratin treatments for hair and hair care products promise a solution, which gives the hair back keratin, wraps around the hair like a protective coat, making it hard-wearing and resilient. Colored hair can also be treated with it. However, the hair should be prepared for treatment first. The better condition the strands are in advance, the less damage will be left. The treatment itself already contains protective ingredients. However, since the keratin treatment involves a lot of work with the straightening iron and very hot temperatures, the hair is still strained.

Keratin Treatment for Hair

As with dyeing hair, a cream is first applied to the hair. The mix is worked into the hair using heat from a hairdryer and straightening iron, thus permanently reshaping it. We have summarized the process on how to achieve healthy hair with the keratin treatment for you. 

  • First of all, the hair is washed and any residues of care products are removed.
  • Then the keratin treatment is applied in batches to the still damp hair.
  • The hair is then combed through and the excess product is wiped off.
  • After an exposure time of around 10 minutes, the hair is blow-dried and then straightened strand by strand with the straightening iron.
  • The hair is then washed out and a hair mask is applied to the hair.
  • This hair mask works for about 10 to 15 minutes and is then washed out.
  • The hair is then blow-dried and smoothed again so that the hair is "sealed" and the keratin is enclosed in the hair.
  • The treatment lasts between 2 to 4 hours, depending on hair length and hair density.

Can eating certain foods at home create the effects of a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin has to be produced by the body from amino acids (protein building blocks), so it cannot be ingested directly from food. However, a targeted protein supply can promote the production of keratinocytes or counteract a deficiency. A conscious and healthy diet also supports the body in maintaining the existing keratin in the body as an alternative keratin treatment for hair. This includes plenty of vegetable or animal proteins, for example from eggs, cheese, milk, meat, fish, seafood, soy, or almonds. Since zinc is also involved in the synthesis of keratin, zinc-rich vegetables such as beans and lentils are highly recommended. Fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots or berries, and grapes should also be on the menu more often. Food such as brewer's yeast, amaranth, or cold-pressed olive oil also helps to maintain the production of keratin. Vitamin biotin also plays an important role in protein, cereal products, carrots, mushrooms, and peanuts are rich in them. White flour products, sugar, and simple carbohydrates, on the other hand, should be avoided especially fatty foods and fast food should be cut out and instead, they should go to these protein-containing foods even after the keratin treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin treatment to straighten hair or famously known as the "miracle straightening treatment" is very popular for removing frizz and curls. It is considered a natural method of straightening hair as it does not use harsh chemicals. However, the pitfalls of this treatment became apparent when many dissatisfied customers started reporting the numerous side effects of keratin on their hair. If the treatment product contains formaldehyde which is so harmful for hair structure, keratin hair treatment side effects surface after the first wash, which is recommended after 72 hours. In order to avoid all these negative results you can consider to use our KHS Keratin Hair Straightening Kit, which is Formaldehyde FREE

The various short and long term side effects of keratin hair treatment containing formaldehyde are as follows:

Excessive Hair Loss

This is one of the immediate effects of other keratin hair treatments. Many clients who had the treatment performed reported having severe keratin treatment hair loss as a side effect of this treatment. The hair will begin to fall from its roots after the first wash itself, even if you only wash with the recommended hair products. In addition, the amount of hair fall is so great that a more prominent thinning pattern can be observed within weeks of treatment. However, your dermatologist might want you to do a few tests to rule out other causes before treating you to undergo hair loss due to keratin treatment.

Potential To Induce Cancer

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance the main ingredient of almost every keratin hair treatment product except our unique products, including Brazilian keratin hair treatment. Long-term use of these products is associated with an increased risk of cancer. Although most salons make use of masks to escape the formaldehyde fumes, there is no way to prevent the small amounts of formaldehyde from getting absorbed into the skin. To avoid keratin treatment risks, one can make use of our formaldehyde free products that are now widely available. 

Hair Structure Deterioration

With other Keratin Hair Treatments, you can have your hair full of shine, immediately after the treatment. But don't get the impression that your hair is going to stay that way forever. In fact, you will notice your hair texture degrading within 2-3 weeks of treatment. The hair becomes dry, dull and all messed up. Also, it is likely that your hair will stay pin, straight, even after washing it twice. This can be especially frustrating when you told your hairdresser you want relaxed and natural looking hair in a day or two. In this case you need to get a keratin treatment after care with suitable products which do not contain formaldehyde. 

Allergic Reaction

Just like any other hair treatment, treatments containing formaldehyde are also capable of inducing allergic reactions in some people. The symptoms are itching, rash etc. which are typical allergy symptoms. Skin conditions like eczema are also linked to keratin hair treatment. In order to avoid allergic problems resulting from this treatment, your hairdresser should first identify your hair structure so as to choose a keratin treatment without formaldehyde for your hair and scalp type. Also, be sure to clearly state if you have a history of allergic reactions. Keratin hair treatment side effects are many and quite serious too. You definitely do not want to leave your precious hair (no matter how curly or frizzy it may be) for smooth, straight hair that won't last more than a few months. Hence, think twice before you are ready to take the plunge.

How Long Does A Keratin Treatment On Curly Hair Take?

You do not have to take a lot of time for the keratin treatment on curly hair. In total, the whole procedure takes two to four hours. Right at the beginning, the hair is washed several times with a special shampoo, which removes all care residues, including the silicone contained in many products. The hair is then completely dried. Only then can the keratin be applied to the hair in strands. With a fine-toothed comb, the product is evenly distributed over the lengths of the hair, which at the same time brings the hair into a smooth shape itself. The product must now act for about 10 minutes. Then the hair is blow-dried again and finally straightened with a large round brush or straightening iron.

Things To Consider When Using A Keratin Treatment At Home

There are a few things you should keep in mind during your keratin treatment at home. First of all with a special cleansing shampoo you should remove all styling residues and cleans your hair.

  • Blow-dry your hair: Blow dry your hair carefully. Your mane should be blown dry for the treatment.
  • Apply keratin solution: After you have blow-dried your hair, you are ready to go. The treatment starts with the keratin solution, which is carefully applied hair strand by strand.
  • Comb through strands of hair: Make sure that the keratin treatment is well distributed in each strand of hair and carefully comb through each strand.
  • Adhere to the exposure time: In order for the treatment to work properly and the result to be satisfactory, you should take the exposure time into account. The cure should have enough time to work properly on the cuticle.
  • Using the straightening iron correctly: Now it is time to get to the straightening iron. The right temperature is crucial here.
  • Do not wash your hair: You should let your hair rest for about three days. It is forbidden to wash your hair, as well as to do your hair and tie it up. 

Which Keratin Treatment Product Is Good For Hair?

Shampoos and conditioners that have been enriched with keratin are another gentle way of supplying the hair with keratin. Women with very damaged hair, in particular, should rather use care products with keratin instead of keratin straightening in the salon and this is gentler and does not damage the hair structure even further. And even after keratin smoothing, special care products with keratin are recommended to extend the effects. 

Salt-free shampoo and conditioner, which we have been manufacturing as part of Keratin Hair System range, are perfect to take care of your hair after usage of our other khs keratin treatment products. In particular, this salt-free shampoo and conditioner embrace and provide long lasting effects of the successful outcomes when you compare the appearance of the hair keratin treatment before and after. On the other hand, salt is used as an ingredient in other shampoo and conditioners in order to provide necessary sodium for hair but at the same time this amount of salt can pull moisture from hair and therefore you might lose the result of keratin treatment later. However with the help of our salt-free hair care products, you are going to be able to protect the satisfying result after the keratin treatment.