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KHS Keratin Hair Bundle


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What is the keratin hair treatment?

Keratin treatment is a hair care product that makes damaged and worn hair look vibrant and smooth again. Today, there are those who prefer hair salons for this process, but there are also those who prefer to use keratin treatment kits at home. As the keratin coats the hair, it thickens the thinning hair strands and provides a smooth finish. Once the keratin treatment loses its effect, further necessary care should be provided and for longer lasting results a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner should be used for keratin treatment aftercare.

Are professional keratin hair treatment results possible to be created at home?

In order for your hair to look healthy and well-groomed, you can easily use a keratin hair treatment at home, which has been popular in recent years. But of course, you need to know how to use it correctly so you can make the most of its benefits. For this reason, you can get help by following the instructions written on our product box or by watching our videos.

Is keratin hair treatment harmful?

Keratin care is an application that has many positive effects, such as helping the hair to regain its healthy structure, repair broken hair ends, prevent frizz and help the hair gain shine, if applied correctly. However, keratin care should be provided where there is no formaldehyde in the applied product or in a small amount. KHS products are 100% Formaldehyde free, you can use them safely.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment Products

  • • Keratin hair treatment products show its effect with vitality, shine and most importantly the repair function in hair.
  • • Keratin care provides thickening and smoothness of thinning hair strands
  • • Keratin treatment kits protect the hair for a long time.
  • • Keratin hair treatment kits repair your damaged hair from dyes and chemicals, and cares for it.
  • • Keratin helps hair to grow healthily.
  • • Keratin hair products stop frizz and frizz rum and provides soothing care.
  • • By helping the hair to remove dead cells, keratin smoothing treatment provides smoothness and softness to the hair surface.
  • • It nourishes the hair by providing the moisture it needs and helps the skin gain a silky softness after the procedure.