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KERATIN HAIR SYSTEM or KHS for short as we like to call it, has been created and developed by a whole team of professionals who are all proud to be part of the KHS brand.
The first concept of KHS all started from a popular salon in the middle of a bustling High Street in Muswell Hill, London.

The professional hairdressers in the salon were advising and applying popular hair treatments like the “Brazilian Blow-dry” over and over. It is a very popular treatment but the hair stylists were hearing concerns about some ingredients like formaldehyde, but also comments of how involved and time consuming the treatments take.

Taking the customer’s thoughts and comments into account is what led to the start of developing KERATIN HAIR SYSTEM. The main idea was to create a Keratin Straightening System that could be used easily and safely by anyone, even in their own home, without having to worry about chemicals or it being too difficult. Trying to keep it simple by using only 3 steps was key.

Not long after the first ideas, manufacturing began using UK suppliers, and making sure every ingredient was right and definitely using NO formaldehyde. The first products were soon ready and were thoroughly tested in their own salon with some AMAZING results.

Once the product was being used in the salon they began to see the demand and started selling it quickly in shops all over the UK and Europe. Keratin Hair Systems was one of the FIRST AT HOME Straightening kits available.

While the Keratin Straightening System was taking off, our other products were being finalised and soon joined in.

All of our keratin products aim to repair and maintain beautiful strong, healthy hair and help the Keratin Systems work in your hair for longer.