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11 Steps on How to Use Keratin Treatment at Home

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment Process For Curly Hair?

There are several chemical hair straightening products. Apart from the chemical products from the Afro shop and the CHI method, there are other keratin treatments for curly hair to choose from. In contrast to other permanent hair straighteners, this one is gentle and, in terms of the ingredients of the smoothing cream, is based on a natural protein that is already present in human hair and nails. Keratin hair straightening originally comes from Brazil. The keratin is able to straighten hair because the hair itself consists mainly of keratin. Keratin is a protein that makes hair elastic and resistant to cold and heat. This is exactly what keratin hair treatment takes advantage of. The keratin, with which the hair is now treated, penetrates deep into the cuticle. It seals the hair naturally. The hair is permanently straightened and cracks and broken areas are filled, which is why the hair is also supple.

Keratin adds a soft, silky, shiny texture to hair. In the case of frizzy hair, the natural keratin is insufficient to smooth and straighten the texture of the hair. The keratin treatment to straighten hair is mainly aimed at replenishing the keratin content in the hair. The keratin that is required for this treatment is obtained from animal sources or other natural sources. During the treatment, this keratin product is applied to the hair, followed by hot ironing. This hair straightening composition construction is necessary to cover the hair cuticles with keratin and lock in the moisture in the hair. The product is then rinsed off to reveal pin-straight hair.

In principle, the keratin treatment at home can be used on any hair without any problems. It does not matter whether the hair is very frizzy, straight, thin or thick, natural or already colored. However, you should refrain from dyeing or tinting your hair immediately after treating your hair with keratin. Keratin treatment and smoothing are especially interesting for people whose hair structure is very rough or whose hair can generally hardly be tamed. The target group of hairdressers who work with keratin also includes people who suffer from frizz. The keratin treatment also helps prevent split ends.

How Much Keratin Hair Treatment Cost In London?

Unfortunately, keratin treatment in the salon is not cheap. Depending on the length of the hair, the treatment costs between £250 and £450 in London. In addition, there may be the costs for the associated care products, which are themselves enriched with keratin and are intended to ensure long-lasting smoothness. Our keratin treatment lasts three to five months. If you want permanently straight hair, you have to repeat the procedure at least twice a year. The keratin treatment should be repeated after three to five months at the earliest. As a rule, no follow-up treatment is required. The keratin washes itself out of the hair very slowly. The treated hair may even be smooth by the time it is straightened again. However, the hair at the roots grows out again with its natural structure.

Keratin Treatment For Hair At Home

If you are one of those curly heads who want nothing more than straight hair, you can hardly avoid Brazilian hair straightening. If you do not like it that smooth, you may be satisfied with a simple keratin treatment, in which the hair is cared for rather than straightened. The treatment also makes the hair less wild, at least for some time. The hair is sealed with keratin under the action of heat. This will repair the smallest cracks and damage to the cuticle. The keratin armor of the hair is stabilized, the hair bends less and does not stick to one another so easily. The overall picture is smoother and shinier hair. Depending on the type of application, it becomes smooth or just a little ruffled.

A Brazilian keratin cure is gentler than other smoothing methods, as long as you use high-quality products without harmful substances. It is also not primarily a keratin smoothing, but hair care with keratin. Since the keratin is first brushed in for a very long time and the “Brazilian blowout” method requires fewer chemicals than with a Japanese smoothing, the results will not be quite as smooth. But it is gentler on the hair. In contrast to Japanese hair straightening, the Brazilian method uses products that do not change the chemical structure of the hair. The Brazilian method uses keratin as a brushing agent. Accordingly, this method is gentler but less effective at smoothing than the Japanese method.

Are Keratin Treatments At Home Good For Hair?

If you go to the hairdresser, you have to pay a lot of money for keratin treatments or Brazilian hair straightening. The working time is particularly expensive because it is a very time-consuming process. With the continuous brushing of the Brazilian treatment, for example, the hairdresser cannot simply spend an hour under the hood and look after other customers on the side. An important advantage of treatment with keratin in your own four walls is of course the price. Therefore, many women try to have such a keratin treatment at home.

However, if you do not do it alone, but rather as a day of relaxation with friends, there is also the fun and the feeling of helping each other with a beauty session. With a friend, you can turn a keratin afternoon into a nice event. It must be remembered that the function of keratin is not to straighten the hair, but to enrich the hair with natural proteins, which are part of the hair's components. This means that the repair of the hair structure is in the foreground during treatment with keratin. This effect ensures silky and shiny hair, but not primarily straight hair. Of course, you can shape healthy hair better and that alone has a smoothing effect. But it is not primarily about straightening the hair. Therefore, many women like to perform such a keratin treatment without formaldehyde at home. 

Liquid keratin is particularly popular for home use. Liquid keratin or hydrolyzed keratin requires heat, for example, to seal the ends of the hair with the keratin. A suitable treatment can be bought in our online shop via this link: and the prices are not too high either. Genuine professional keratin is very expensive, but you do not have to pay special prices for treatment at home. Such a keratin treatment at home does not last as long as a professional keratin treatment at the hairdressers. Since the keratin itself is not that expensive, you can easily do three applications at home for the price of a one in the salon. In addition to the time required, the problem here is the frequency of a procedure that is exhausting for the hair. The quality of the salon keratin treatment is higher than at home because it is carried out by an experienced professional.

Essential Equipment For The Process Of Keratin Hair Treatment At Home

Visiting the hairdresser is expensive and you also have to adhere to waiting times and opening times and possibly accept a long distance. Of course, you can also straighten your hair at home. The best known and most efficient non-chemical hair straightener at home is probably the simple flat iron. Straightening the hair strand by strand turns out to be very time-consuming. Daily straightening is not only an enormous time waster, it also damages the hair to such an extent that it is sooner or later broken. The keratin treatment on curly hair can also be carried out at home. This is clearly cheaper and even relatively easy with someone to help you. In the same way, home remedies can contribute to smoother hair.

Once you have decided to straighten your hair at home, all you have to do is know which products you need. First you need a special keratin shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair at the beginning and after the keratin treatment, which prepares the hair for the treatment. Finally, of course, there is also the keratin cream, which has to penetrate the hair and ultimately ensures smoothness. A keratin conditioner is available for follow-up treatment. After straightening keratin hair, however, the hair should not be washed for three days so that the remaining straightening agent can take effect. Only after these three days is the process really complete. The Brazilian method can be done at home, provided you have the necessary equipment. The best way to do this is to buy our ready-made keratin treatment kits and use the following utensils:

  • A brush
  • A hairdryer
  • A straightening iron
  • Not necessary, but practical: gloves

Keratin Treatment At Home Step By Step

Step 1: Wash the hair with a gentle shampoo without sodium sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate or NLS on the pack). This shampoo cleanses the hair and removes residue from other products or oils that have previously been used for hair care.

Step 2: Towel dry: Dry off the moisture, but leave the hair damp.

Step 3: Now the hair is divided into individual strands. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you should shape more or fewer strands. It is important that all hair is easily accessible in each strand.

Step 4: Now you apply the liquid keratin from the hair roots to the tips. You start with the strands that are closer to your neck. If a friend helps out, it can be done better, faster and more conveniently. Depending on the product used, you can massage it in with your fingers or apply it on your hair and then distribute it thoroughly with a thin comb. The keratin should work for 15 to 20 minutes

Step 5: If you are not sure how the product will work, you can try a little on a small strand first. If there is a negative reaction, simply rinse and stop using.

Step 6: When all of your hair has been creamed, loosen the strands and dry the hair. To do this, you have to blow-dry it with a hot hair dryer to seal the keratin. You brush your hair straight with a blow dryer brush.

Step 7: Now the hair is brushed carefully (without pulling) and very thoroughly.

Step 8: Then divide the dry hair into sections again as before.

Step 9: Now straightening begins with the hot straightening iron. You start with the strands that are close to your neck and then work your way forward

Step 10: Then the hair is brushed carefully (without pulling) and very thoroughly.

Step 11: After brushing, dry the hair with a blow dryer to the end, if it is not completely dry, and continue brushing the straight hair.

Step 11: If the hair feels dry, the straightening iron (high heat) is briefly passed over the entire hair a few times.

In the following 48-72 hours, if possible, do not let it get wet and under no circumstances wash your hair, otherwise the result will be gone again. Hair should hang down as straight as possible for the first 48 hours after treatment. If the hair begins to curl during this period, simply run the straightener over it again. 

Is Keratin Treatment For Hair Bad?

As many benefits as the keratin treatment has for permanently straight hair, criticism of the keratin products was loud a few years ago. Quite rightly, because in the keratin series from the USA and Brazil, formaldehyde or methylene glycol was found in large quantities. These substances are extremely carcinogenic. Fortunately, they are no longer in any keratin product, so you can get hold of them without hesitation. Nevertheless, you should strictly follow the instructions for use and not allow the chemicals to act for too long, otherwise your hair can be severely damaged.