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Keratin Hair Treatment For All Hair Types

Keratin, which has been used more frequently in hair care recently, is used to achieve the desired beauty in hair. When keratin, which can also be considered as the main food of the hair, is missing, the hair begins to become lifeless, breakage and shedding over time. In this sense, it is important for every person to regularly load keratin from the outside, in terms of hair health. So, does keratin treatment work on curly hair?

The fact that we have entered a period in which inventions will start to chase each other makes it a little more imperative to follow the innovations of the fashion world. In order to show up at special events, the hair design should be remarkable as well as the careful selection of the clothes. Straight-haired people can style their hair as they want by curling them, using curling irons or stylers. But curly hair is a bit more difficult. Many hairstyles are fashionable for curly hair, but sometimes it is desirable to make the hair look straight and attractive due to a radical change. In such cases, Brazilian blow-dry is generally preferred. With Brazilian Blowout, which provides permanent straightness of 5-6 months on average, curly-haired people can easily achieve the straightness and appearance they want in their hair.

What is Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian blow dry, one of the hair care types, is a job that requires expertise. Although some articles say you can do it yourself at home, to tell you the truth, it is not possible to do it on your own. The fact that it is not finished in a single session affects the fact that it is a subject that requires a little more expertise. Brazilian blow dry, which is preferred by curly hair or women with excessively wavy hair, is a preferred method because it makes the hair look straight for a long time. After this stage, we can answer the question of whether keratin treatment on curly hair, and we can say that it can only work in this way. Because while Brazilian blow-dry is done, keratin loading is done. So it is impossible to make a Brazilian blowout without keratin.


How to Make a Brazilian Blowout

Some ingredients must be used in Brazilian blowouts that require professional work. A fine-toothed comb, nourishing vegetable oils, and keratin are indispensable for this work. Before starting the process, the hair is first washed with a keratin hair treatment shampoo and conditioner. Then the hair should dry naturally. No blow dryer or hairdryer is used. Instead, the hair is wrapped with a towel and waited for it to dry. The hair is kept in the dryer until it is without moisture, and the hair is divided into four sections and at least 80 ml of keratin is applied to each section. Of course, there is a detail that needs attention when applying keratin; this is to be careful not to touch the nape and face area. Since keratin causes allergic effects on some skin, special attention should be paid to this issue.


Which Keratin Treatment Is Best For Curly Hair?

Although curly hairstyles continue to show themselves with different hair designs every season, you may want to get a different look this season. First of all, you need to get rid of your curly or very wavy hair. You can achieve easier results with keratin care, which has a great effect on straightening curly hair. Although we have evaluated the Brazilian blowout above, you can also straighten your hair with hair straighteners or a blow dryer without applying a Brazilian blowout. Of course, if your hair is extremely wavy or has a high level of curl, it will help you to achieve much healthier results if you do this by getting support from an expert instead of doing it on your own. Keratin treatment on curly hair can be done correctly when you get help from an expert, of course. However, since it is an externally given substance, it is necessary to be extremely careful when applying. Do not forget that you need to apply keratin care correctly in order to prevent the body from having an allergic effect, to achieve the desired straightness in the hair, and more importantly, to keep your hair straight for a longer period.


Reasons Of Dryness On Hair

When we decide to care for dry hair, we should start by determining whether our hair is dry or worn.  When we do not moisturize our hair enough or when it starts to lose its natural moisture balance, we are faced with dry hair. Dryness occurs in the hair due to internal factors such as insufficiently secreted oil on the scalp or external factors such as perm and dye. Care for dry hair is done by providing the necessary moisture replenishment by using shampoo and mask for dry hair. In this way, you can restore our hair to its old smooth and shiny appearance. Dry hair is more fragile than normal hair. In order to restore dry, worn, lifeless hair, it is necessary to meet the moisture it needs.

We can provide the moisture supplement, needed by dry hair with shampoo, conditioner, and masks. Shampoo and conditioners with moisturizing properties help to eliminate hair dryness by preserving the natural structure of your hair. One of the first measures taken to eliminate hair dryness is to wash the hair every 2 days instead of washing it every day. In addition, you can use argan oil to balance the sebum level on the scalp. Argan oil, which is used especially for dry hair, moisturizes the hair strands and gives your hair excellent shine and vitality. With Groomed argan oil, which is suitable for all hair types, you can get rid of dry hair by giving your hair a silky appearance.



How to Care For Dry Hair

The first step recommended for dry hair care is to use nourishing shampoos and conditioners, and then to support hair care with hair masks that provide intense moisture. But sometimes these applications are not enough for the hair to gain a bright and lively appearance. The reason for this is that sometimes the hair is subjected to intense processing, sometimes chemically and sometimes physically, drying out too much. When the hair is subjected to intense processing, the keratin in the hair structure decreases. (Perm, dye, orial, blow dryer, tongs, sun, etc.) Keratin deficiency causes the hair to dry and the hair strands to thin. In order to regain the lost keratin in the hair, the hair needs a keratin treatment without formaldehyde. When keratin treatment is done, the keratin penetrates the damaged areas of the hair, repair the hair from root to tip and form a protective layer on the hair. Thus, it takes care of your hair by stopping breakage and breakage even on thinned and dry hair ends. With one of our unique formulations which are named Keratin Repair Kit, you can get rid of your dry hair by restoring the keratin lost by your damaged hair. With Keratin Repair Kit, which you can use to care for your dry hair, you can make your dull and dry hair look lively and shiny.


We have listed the dry hair care methods that you can apply under 4 headings below. You can do the right care by choosing the method that suits you.


  • Shampoo for Dry Hair: The right choice of shampoo for dry hair is one of the tricks of hair care. Although the secret of achieving shiny and healthy hair is through care, choosing the right shampoo is just as important. By choosing the right shampoo for your dry hair, you can revitalize your hair and make it look softer. The use of shampoo that is not suitable for the hair type causes the hair to wear more and look lifeless. If you want to clean your hair and at the same time care for your dry hair, you can use sulfate-free and also salt-free shampoo. Keratin Hair System Salt-Free Shampoo contains many herbal formulas such as proteins, amino acids, and oils that nourish the hair, and you can make your hair look silky and shiny without getting tired.
  • Mask for Dry Hair: Hair becomes dry and dull due to the effect of hair conditioners or incorrectly used hair products. Hair that dries out by losing its moisture breaks and falls off over time. Hair masks are often used to restore the shine and strength of hair. Hair care masks repair the hair deeply and provide the moisture that the hair needs. You can achieve a healthy appearance of your hair with the hair mask you prefer following the structure and needs of your hair strands. For effective and lasting results, you can get rid of your dry hair when you apply the hair mask regularly.


  • Conditioner for Dry Hair: Hair loses its moisture and dries due to many reasons such as heat treatments, dyeing, and harsh weather conditions. By using a conditioner for dry hair, you can regain the moisture lost by the hair. When conditioner is used, the hair strands gain the necessary moisture. Thus, tangling, breaking, and shedding dry hair are prevented.It is also important that the content of conditioners used to strengthen dry hair and increase hair resistance is natural. Natural hair creams strengthen the hair structure, which becomes dull due to dyeing processes and styling, and restores the health of the hair. Keratin Hair System Salt-Free Conditioners also increase the flexibility of the hair by providing the hair with reduced hair resistance due to chemical and physical processes and help the hair to be easily styled. Thus, it repairs the flake layer of the hair, which is worn out due to washing, combing, styling, and dyeing processes. It is a hair care cream specially developed for all hair types. It also helps to eliminate the moisture problem by providing excellent moisture to dry hair. With this product, you can create a protective structure for your hair and prevent wear on your hair.


  • Home Care for Dry Hair: We are faced with dry hair due to incorrect and intense processes such as dye, bleach, blow dryer, and straightener we apply. You can restore your hair to its original state by doing home care for dry hair. Thanks to the Keratin Hair System products on keratin hair treatment, which is very practical to use, which you can easily apply at home or the hairdresser, you can revive your dry hair and gain volume. Its special formula activates the proteins in it during hair care, allowing your hair to be repaired.


Is It Possible To Do Keratin Treatment At Home? What Are The Tips?

Keratin is an essential protein that makes hair look lively, smooth and full, and also helps us maintain the flexible structure of the hair. Hair loses keratin due to the abrasive effects of styling agents or color-changing processes such as paint highlights and a damaged structure is formed. With the keratin treatment, damaged and worn hair is repaired. Keratin care, also known as hair botox, should be applied by trained hairdressers. However, as Keratin Hair System, we have been helping our customers who want to apply this product at home for a long time with illustrated application guides. The most important issue here is the brand and quality of the product to be used in the application. If the keratin product you use is of good quality, and if you pay attention to the application steps, the result will be no different from the one made at the hairdresser.